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Shoe and boot Boot fetishism is a sexual fetish focused on boots. Boots have become the object of sexual attraction amounting to fetishism for some people and they have become a standard accessory in BDSM scenes where leather, latex and PVC boots are favoured

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Thread: 3D Renders - Self-Made Stuff

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    3D Renders - Self-Made Stuff

    Grettings, I'm very glad to see the new bootfetish forum online.

    Is there still interest in stuff like this:

    Would love to see your comments. Thanks.

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    thanks for your work,but it is not my style, sorry

  3. Post #3

    cool fives would make characters from games or anime

  4. Post #4

    Thanks Marinet. Although i must admit that i did not fully understand what you have tried to say to me.
    Nevertheless, here is another one for you:

  5. Post #5

    I'm very glad to see your stuff again

  6. Post #6

    Thanks mate. Have another pic from my collection, hope you like it.

  7. Post #7

    Some more Pics. Please leave your Comments

  8. Post #8

    you make my wet dreams come true the boots in your with the red sole are the best !
    Last edited by thighhigh; 02-24-2018 at 06:03 AM.

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    Thanks very much thighhigh. So you like the red soles, don't you? No problem, i'll do more red soles in the future. But i still got loads of pics with beige soles (nearly all of them, I'm afraid). I would like to put them online first.
    And as usual, here is another picture for you as a reward for your kind comment. No red soles but red boots in this one.

  10. Post #10

    sexy girl in shiny red boots wish the boots were longer
    I like the red soles because of the contrast to the black boots and its nice to see the heels of platform boots from behind they are so long
    show us more

  11. Post #11

    I have modeled a new pair of boots loosely after Vuitton's Rain Boots. Hope You like it.
    Please leave your Comments.

  12. Post #12

    Thanks very much thighhigh. These two were rendered especially for you.

  13. Post #13

    Thanks very much buzzbongo ! I like this sexy booted girl wish to put a p... in her f... ass
    Last edited by thighhigh; 03-02-2018 at 02:51 PM.

  14. Post #14

    Thanks mate. Have another one.

  15. Post #15

    THX for fulfilling my wish
    your vuitton's boots are well done but i would prefer louboutins
    Last edited by thighhigh; 03-03-2018 at 08:38 AM.

  16. Post #16

    Hmm Boots with Rivets? Not a bad idea. Coming soon. In the meantime:

  17. Post #17

    we look foward to it you find them here

  18. Post #18

    Work in progress. What Do you think?

    Last edited by buzzbongo; 03-10-2018 at 07:53 AM.

  19. Post #19

    WOW well done dreaming of a girl in these boots

  20. Post #20

    Thanks mate, they are not finished yet though. The geometry is still not entirely correct especially the upper part. And they still can not be posed with the model.
    For now, have this picture instead:

  21. Post #21

    They are nearly finished. Just need to add some creases. But they are usable. Have fun.
    Please add your comments. If you like them please hit thank you.

  22. Post #22

    I can't make up my mind f... her or get whipped by herwhish they were twins
    Last edited by thighhigh; 03-11-2018 at 08:35 AM.

  23. Post #23

    Thank you very much thighhigh. Here you can see the new boots again, but this time in patent leather. And a second picture where the girl takes care of business. Have fun.

  24. Post #24

    OMG i have fun with these boots and her buisness

  25. Post #25

    buzzbongo WOW you have really come a long way, since you first started doing these. Fantastic work mate.

  26. Post #26

    Kegsy! Nice to hear from you. Thank you very much for your praises. Please have this picture:

  27. Post #27

    Please hit "Thanks"!

  28. Post #28

    Please hit "Thanks"

  29. Post #29

    Please hit "Thanks". Comments are welcome.

  30. Post #30

    Holy shit that is great stuff.

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