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Thread: Unrecognizable - An erotic novel I wrote

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    Unrecognizable - An erotic novel I wrote

    First chapter of an erotic novel I wrote that was on the old forum...

    Chapter 1: Discovery
    Maryanne had walked past this shop 1000 times before. This time something felt different. There was a tingle, a slight twinge. Something had caught her attention but she couldnt place what it was. She continued her walk home as usual. The air was a bit brisk that evening, the first hints of fall setting in.
    In the morning, she woke and dressed as usual, but couldnt help but wonder what had caught her attention in that shop window. As she reached for her shoes, she noticed she had quite a collection of sensible, comfortable flats. Well it wasn’t exactly a “collection” so to speak, all 3 pairs of her “dressy” work shoes and her one pair of jogging sneakers. To her that had been more than enough since you can only wear one pair at a time, her mother had always told her that.
    She made her way to work, past the shop once again. There it was again, that little tingle in her abdomen, like a little butterfly flutter. She made her way to the office in her same typical fashion. After arriving at her desk, she settled in to get to work. She heard the heels of one of her co-workers approaching. She subtly turned her head to see who it was. Angela, or Angie as she insisted on being called, was the wild one in the office. She was starting to remove her short cropped leather biker jacket as she walked past. A low cut top hung loosely on her, barely meeting the companies dress codes. Her black jeans looked to be almost sprayed on disappearing into the tops of her knee high black leather boots.
    As Angie passed, they exchanged pleasantries, and she felt that tingle again. She suddenly felt very self conscious about her own outfit. A plain sweater, an ankle length skirt, and bland ballet flats.
    At lunch time, she heard those heels once again. A very solid clack with each step. There certainly was no mistaking who was coming. Angie poked her head into the office and asked if she wanted to join her for a quick bite out.
    Maryanne quickly, but politely declined, saying she had already brought a lunch and would hate for it to spoil. Angie agreed and said, ok, perhaps another time. As she left, Maryanne felt that tingle once more as she heard those distinct heels clicking away.
    The rest of the afternoon bothered her a bit. She questioned what made her feel that way? Certainly it couldnt have been Angie, she wasn’t a lesbian, or even bisexual. Also she had seen her everyday for since she started in May and never had that feeling before. Something was different but she couldnt put her finger on it and it was driving her bonkers.
    During her walk home, she passed the shop once more. This time she stopped to look at the window display. It was a clothing store and they had just put out their fall lineup in the window. Thats when she noticed them. A pair of rust brown knee high boots. They had a solid wooden heel that must have been at least 4”. Her stomach felt like it did a full flip as she gazed at them. She realized this is what had caught her eye before.
    She felt drawn into the shop so she could get a closer look, not that she could ever wear them, they were far too racy for her, or so she thought.
    The cashier greeted her and asked if there were something that caught her eye. How did she know? Maryanne thought to herself. She didnt actually, it was just her normal way of greeting customers. Maryanne stammered that she had wanted to take a closer look at the tall boots in the window.
    “Ooooh, I love those. They are new for this season and would look great on you!” replied the cashier. “What size are you?”
    “Oh, my, uh, a 7, please.” Maryanne nervously replied. Her stomach got even tighter.
    The cashier rushed out back and came wizzing back to the front with a rather laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale box.
    Maryanne took a nervous seat as they opened the box. A strong aroma of new leather filled the air immediately. As they unfolded the first boot, Maryanne realized these were much taller than they looked in the window.
    Maryanne slipped off her right shoe and realized that slipping on a boot of this height with her skirt may be troublesome. The cashier noticed this, “I can slip the boot up for you if you hold your skirt up a bit to keep it from getting caught.” Maryanne blushed. “Dont worry, I do this all the time for customers, you arent the first, and certainly not the last.”
    They slid the first boot up her leg, higher and higher. Her foot sunk down into the foot of the boot and the fit couldnt have been any better. The cashier pulled the remaining material of the boot shaft up to her knee where it just touched her knee cap. The boot had a laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale 3” cuff at the top that if unfolded, would help the boot top reach well into her thigh area.
    “Oh my, I hadnt realized these boots were so tall!” Maryanne exclaimed.
    “The displays always make the boots looks shorter than they really are, but these fit you perfectly!” the cashier replied with a smile.
    “I dont think I could ever actually wear these, they are just so tall. They feel kind of naughty.” Maryanne said with a deep crimson in her cheeks.
    “Oh nonsense. These are perfect for you. Here, lets put the other one on you and get the full effect.”
    They slid the second boot up into place and lowered Maryanne’s skirt back down. She slowly stood up, which was no easy task as she had never worn heels before. Luckily these were thick and helped support her ankles from twisting sideways. She looked in the mirror and saw the foot and ankle part sticking out from below her skirt, but nothing else was visible.
    “Now see, they are a perfect match for your skirt and sweater. They will keep your legs nice and cosy all winter long, no matter the temperature.” The cashier was right, they did look like a perfect match. Her stomach flipped again when she said to the cashier, “I’ll take them, and I think I would like to wear them home.”
    “I will just put your old shoes in this bag for you then?” the cashier asked.
    “No thanks, I dont know how much I will be needing them now. Besides, I have 2 more pairs identical to them at home already.”

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    Chapter 2: Blossoming
    Maryanne paid for her new boots and strode out of the shop. As soon as her feet hit the sidewalk, the sound hit her like a ton of bricks. That loud clunk that only a solid boot heel could make. Her sound was even deeper than Angies had been, but of course it was. Angie’s boots had very thin heels, while Maryanne’s were much thicker.
    Between the sound of her boots and feel of them caressing her legs with each step, she found herself starting to become aroused. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed her. She found a few women looking towards her feet as she walked, looking for the source of that wonderful sound. She realized that only she knew exactly how tall the boots were and that turned her on even more so.
    Her walk home on this evening was probably the most enjoyment she had walking in quite a long time. As she got to her apartment, she wished she wasnt home yet, so she could continue to enjoy her new boots. To her amazement, her feet werent the least bit sore.
    She opened her apartment door and another wonderful sound hit her again. A solid wood heel on a solid wood floor. Her knees actually became weak with this new sensation. The boots were tight around her calves and she could feel the vibrations of the heel all throughout her legs. She ventured into the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine. She hardly ever drank, but felt like it was an appropriate occasion.
    She sat on her sofa, sipping on her wine, all the while moving her legs to and fro to admire her booted feet. She slowly crossed her legs, feeling the soft leather rub together. Between the wine and her arousal, she started to get quite warm. She slipped off her sweater, allowing the cool air to hit her chest. Her nipples instantly went erect and became very sensitive. The wine was starting to have an effect on her and she decided to slip off her skirt as she fondled her breasts. She could now see her boots in all their glory. She rubbed them together slowly at first. The sound of fresh leather squeaking filled the room. Her hands massaged her breasts in rhythm to the squeaks of her boots.
    She slowly moved her hands down her body, down her thighs and onto her boots. The butter soft leather feeling like it was almost melting in her hands. During her groping, her finger caught under the cuff of the boot, partially flipping it up. Realizing they actually did flip up, she grabbed it and pulled it far up her leg. They now reached to mid thigh and excited her even more so.
    She reached down and started to massage herself intimately. She let out a small moan as her fingers traced the outline of her clitoris through her moist panties. Ever so slowly she worked her fingers around and around. She then remembered a gag gift someone had given her a few years ago. Why she never got rid of it, she couldnt answer. She made her way to the bedroom, her boots clicking loudly on the wood floor. Her boot tops rubbing together as she walked.
    She went into the top dresser drawer with all of her intimates and brought out a small vibrator, the package still intact. She opened it up and realized there were no batteries in it. She walked back to her kitchen, slowly and deliberately rubbing her legs together with each step. She retrieved the correct batteries and placed them inside the vibrator. It immediately sprang to life in her hands, startling her slightly, it was in the on position already. She started to rub it across her nether region on the outside of her panties. Her knees weakened and she slowly slumped to the cold kitchen floor. Her hands trembled as she pulled her panties to the side and slid the vibrator inside her.
    The feeling was pure ecstasy. She moved it in and out faster and faster. Just as she was about to climax, she gave it a nice deep push, crossed her legs and clamped her legs shut. Her whole body began to tremble and she kneaded her breasts. Her boots creaking loudly as they rubbed together. Her juices flowing freely right through the thin fabric of her panties on onto the floor underneath her. She writhed in pleasure as wave after wave of oonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealasm flooded her senses. It was by far the most intense feeling she had ever experienced.

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    Chapter 3: Changes
    Maryanne woke up from a deep sleep to the sound of her alarm going off. It was Friday and after the events of the previous night she really wasnt in the mood to be awake. Grabbing her cell off the nightstand she phoned her work and explained she wouldnt be in today. Something that was totally out of character as she hadnt missed a day since she started there. She rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, but her mind started wandering. Wandering back to her new boots. She felt that familiar flutter in her stomach again. Finally she caved in and got out of bed. There they were, lying on the floor next to the bed. She decided to try something different today. She took out one of her only pairs of jeans and slipped them on. They were loose fitting and comfortable, just as most of her wardrobe was. She slipped into a another of her oversized sweaters and sat on the bed to put her boots on. She started to work it up over her leg when she realized she couldnt get the boot over the material of the jeans. They were just too baggy. She also realized that the jeans wouldnt fit down over the boots as the cuffs were too thick. being a smart girl she figured out a solution.
    She took off her jeans and fed the shafts of the boots up through the pant legs and scrunched them down. She then pulled the boots up her legs and pulled the cuffs up high, reaching maximum length once again. Once her boots were in place, she pulled the pants back up over her legs. Viola! Both her boots and pants were on at the same time. She then realized that she couldnt remove her boots unless she undid her pants. The thought of this gave her another tingle. She then grabbed her purse and set off to explore the city.
    She had been living here for months, but never strayed from her path going to and from work. Well instead of heading left she went right. As she walked she admired the looks and glances her boots got her. Even as drably as she was dressed, just wearing those boots changed everything. She was being noticed. She found her way to a quaint little shop on a small street corner. Alfonso’s Leather Works was the sign above the door. She got that little flutter in her stomach once more and said to herself, well, so far this feeling hasnt led me wrong yet… here goes nothing.
    She entered the store and the aroma of leather surrounded her. A little bell on the door alerted Alfonso that someone was in the store and he came out from behind a partition wall to greet her. He was an older gentleman, most likely in his 60’s. Shorter and most certainly Italian.
    “How may I help you my dear?” Alfonso asked.
    She took a quick glance around the shop and noticed there werent any racks of clothes, just bundles of fabric, mostly leather, in almost any color and texture imaginable.
    “May I help you miss?” Alfonso asked again.
    “Oh Im sorry. I was.. I was just…”
    “You were expecting a traditional clothing store, I understand. I get that all the time. I make clothing custom fit for you. I use nothing but the best leather brought back from Italy”
    “Oh my, custom clothing, that must be awfully expensive.”
    “Never my dear. My customers are always happy, I see to that. Here come look.” He made his way out to a small shelf and picked up a small bundle of fabric.
    “Look these match your boots, near perfect!” he exclaimed as he handed her a very soft and supple pair of brown leather opera gloves that indeed match her boots almost perfectly. How did he even see my boots from behind that counter?
    “Please try them on. I am sure they will fit you, I have done this many years, I know my sizes well.”
    She tried to resist the temptation, but that butterfly attacked her stomach yet again. She reluctantly took one glove from him and pushed her sweater sleeve up. As she slid her arm into the sheath, she noticed how soft it was on the inside. They were lined in the same leather as the outside was. Once her hand reached the end of the glove it took some wiggling to get her hand in, but once it slid in, the glove fit, well, like a glove. It was a perfect fit and looked almost molded to her hand.
    “Oh look the fit is very good. Not perfect, but very good. As the leather stretches, it will fit you hand much better.” Alfonso explained.
    Not perfect? How much better could they possibly fit? They already fit her better than any glove she had ever worn.
    “These are simply wonderful gloves, but I could never afford them.” Maryanne said with a hint of sadness in her voice.
    “I tell you something. I make these for beautiful woman, much like yourself. She gave me deposit to make for her. Once I make them, she no like the color and refuse to pay the rest. I hate to see them go to waste. You take them. If you like them, you come back and you will buy more things. Everyone always does.” Alfonso said with a twinkle in his eye. “Here, lets put the other one on for you.”
    Maryanne extended her arm and Alfonso helped her pull the other glove up and into place. She fixed her sleeves and stretched out her hands. The deep brown color went perfectly with her tan sweater.
    “Oh thank you for your kind generosity. I will certainly be back some time soon to repay for this wonderful gift.”
    She left the store and ventured out into the city once more. The sun was shining and with all the leather on under her clothes she started to get rather warm. She decided to roll the sleeves up on her sweater, which exposed more of her gloves. Her boot heels clacking away on the pavement drew the attention of passer bys and the look of her gloved arms kept the stares longer than intended. She was starting to enjoy the extra attention and it affected her on all levels. Was she actually strutting slightly now?
    She passed a laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale store front with darker windows. The bright sun allowed her to admire her own reflection. She thought to herself, with the gloves and the boots, these baggy jeans just dont look right. She entered a shop typically intended for girls 10 years younger, but she was determined to find something more in line with what she was wearing.
    After multiple trips into the dressing room and much squeezing and squirming, she finished her shopping trip with a pair of the tightest black jeans she had ever seen. She also grabbed a few other pairs to help fill out her closet. Her boots were now on the outside of her pants on full display. The sales clerks complimented her on her exquisite tastes and great sense of style.
    If she thought she was gathering looks before, now people were downright staring at her. She strode along brimming with confidence. Just yesterday morning, she would never had worn such an outfit, now this was feeling perfectly natural to her. She was also starting to feel a bit naughty, especially given that each step rubbed her pussy with those super tight jeans.
    She went to a fast food place to get some lunch. As she sat down with her meal, she realized that she would have a difficult time removing her gloves and once she did get them off, she wouldnt be able to get them back on by herself without removing her sweater, which wasnt an option. She decided to keep them on while she ate, which further excited her. Every time she raised her food to take a bite, she stared at the marvelous leather. She took a big inhale through her nose just her hands got close enough. Even with the buonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealer in hand, all she could focus on was the smell of the leather. Her pussy moistened even more. She just needed some release, even just a little.
    She got up, threw her trash away and made her way into the bathroom. There was no one around as she entered one of the stalls. She slowly unbuttoned her jeans and with much effort slid her gloved hand down to reach her hot slit. It didnt take long for her gloved fingers to be slick with her juices. Her other hand worked it’s way up under her sweater and bra to knead at her breast. The soft leather of her gloves gave her all sorts of sensations that she had never felt before. Another patron entered the bathroom and the shock of potentially being caught pushed her over the edge into oonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealasm. She had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. Her gloved hand caught most of her juices thankfully so at least it didnt look as if she had wet her pants.
    She straightened herself up, flushed the toilet to disguise what she had been up to and made her way out of the bathroom, but not before stopping at the paper towels to wipe off her gloved hand, which drew a very puzzled look from the other patron in the bathroom.

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    Chapter 4: Noticed
    As Maryanne made her way home, she heard the familiar sound of boot heels on the pavement, but they werent her own. She glanced around and caught a glimpse of Angie out of the corner of her eye. She had on a pair of faded denim jeans, her same leather jacket, and her black knee high boots.
    “Mary? Maryanne? Is that you?” Angie asked. “I hardly recognized you, you look fantastic!”
    “Well, thanks.” Maryanne replied, blushing slightly.
    “What brings on the change? I mean.. Im sorry.. it’s just that you normally dress so conservative at work. Is this typical get out wear for you?”
    “I saw these boots in the shop window and decided I needed to have them, then realized I had nothing to go with them. I have to be honest, this is the first time I have worn anything like this, and I must say, Im liking it.”
    As Maryanne spoke, she moved her hands around like she normally does.
    “Oh! My! God! I love those gloves! Where on earth did you get them?” Angie exclaimed.
    “A little shop I just discovered on the corner of 5th and Main. Alfonso’s I think it is?”
    “Ohhhhh I should have known. Alfonso is the best. I have a ton of clothes made by him. Once you get something from him, you will always go back for more.”
    “Ahh, thats what he said. I guess it must be true then!”
    “If you ever want a shopping partner, Im more than happy to show you around more. I know a few other places that sell what you might be looking for, if you know what I mean.”
    “Uhh, actually I dont know what you mean at the moment, but Im sure when the time is right, I will know what you mean.”
    “Well, I have to get back to work, just went out for a quick lunch and need to get back. Hope you are feeling better, cough cough.” Angie said with a wink.
    Maryanne continued her way home, thinking to herself, “What exactly am I looking for?”

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    Chapter 5: Searching
    Maryanne rested herself on her couch. She was still fully dressed from her adventures in the city. She grabbed her laptop and started surfing the web. She was fascinated by her leather covered fingers as they danced across the keyboard. She got curious. She went to google and type in “Leather gloves.” Over one million hits came up. She saw some that looked like hers and noticed the title, Leather Opera Gloves. She refined her search to include the word opera. Once again, another million hits, but this time some were much more, how to say it, erotic. She was taken aback and blushed deeply. At the same time she felt that tingle once more. A common theme with the women wearing these gloves were their general outfits. Most had on other leather garments and almost all of them had on boots of some sort. Some knee high, some thigh high, some impossibly tall reaching the wearers crotch.
    She was drawn into the images. The look of power these women had. These women didnt cower in fear of what others thought. They were in chaonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale of their own beings. She felt she could have that same power, if she could just dress that way. Had she found what she was looking for?
    For hours and hours she searched, she read, and she watched. She learned about fetishes, domination, and sexual experiences. She could feel herself gaining ground, becoming more focused, more enpowered. Slowly she repressed her old self and brought out a new more outgoing persona.
    She put her laptop away and laid down to drift off to sleep. She had a lot of things to do this weekend.

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    Chapter 6: Emeonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealance
    Maryanne woke from a deep relaxing sleep. The best sleep she had in years. She felt renewed. She opened her closet and frowned. She was suddenly very unhappy with her wardrobe. All of it, other than her new jeans and boots. She wiggled her way into her new jeans and slid her feet into the boots once more. She slid her gloves into place and noticed they were shaped more like her own hands now after wearing them all day yesterday. Alfonso was right. She picked out a top that best suited her outfit, but it really wasnt the best match and set out once again to do more shopping.
    She stopped at the bank first. She proceeded to move a laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale chunk of money from her savings account into checking. She had been very frugal up until this point and amassed quite a bit of money on her own, but her mother always made sure that her only daughter had been well taken care of in case something were to happen. This was a big turning point for her. What she planned on today would make yesterdays shopping spree look like she was shopping at Goodwill.
    She called Angie… “Hey where are those shops you mentioned. I think I know what you meant now.”
    “Ahhhhh see, I knew there was more to you. Head down Main to 28th St. You cant miss this shop, trust me. Have fun, oh and say Hi to Alfonso for me.” and with that Angie hung up.
    “Ah, yes Alfonso. I must go see him.” Maryanne said out loud to herself. She headed over to his shop.
    “Maryanne! Nice to see you again! See, what I tell you? You come back again, and so soon? You like the gloves? I see you wear them again just for me!” Alfonso said with a smile from ear to ear.
    “Alfonso, I’d like to pay you for the gloves and order up quite a bit of other things as well.”
    After an hour of note taking, measuring, more notes, and more measuring, Maryanne had finally finished up in Alfonso’s shop. Alfonso told her it was such a laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale order that it would take him weeks to finish. Maryanne paid him in advance and gave him a 10% extra to move the process along a little faster. He called his other customers and told them he was feeling a little ill and wouldnt get their orders done on time.
    Maryanne made her way to another store. She determined she needed some cosmetics. She wasnt one for wearing a lot of makeup, but things were changing. She sat at the makeup counter and asked for a full consultation on application techniques and color choices. After a bit of time and buying a full color pallette of makeup, she felt prepared to take the next step.
    She took a fresh breath of air as she went outside and headed towards 28th St. 28th St was not exactly what you would call the best part of town. There were a lot of bars and things down this way and Maryanne felt a little uncomfortable. After walking for what felt like miles (it really was only about 100 yards or so) she saw the shop Angie must have been talking about. Blue and purple neon outlined the sign. Devious Things it read. She was right, there was no missing this place. The windows were dark, were they open? She pulled on the door handle and it opened.
    As she entered, she realized the windows were tinted so passers by didnt peer in. It was brightly lit and she was taken back by the amount of stuff packed into this place. From outside it appeared small, but once inside it looked to go on forever. Racks and racks of everything imaginable filled the aisles. Everything she saw online, they had, plus more.
    The first rack she encountered had corsets and bustiers on it in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and even materials. She picked up a soft leather one in black and white. She realized a lot of this experience was tactile and she couldnt feel anything through her gloves. She carefully put the corset back on the rack, slowly removed her gloves, and placed them neatly in her purse.
    She picked the corset back up and felt the soft leather between her fingers. The colors were a stark contrast to the soft warm browns she was currently used to. She decided, she was going to go all out here. She made her way into the store and found the sales person watching the store. She explained she had a very big need to buy an entire wardrobe and would be bringing many items up to the counter.
    She made her way through the store, grabbing anything and everything that caught her eye. Leather, latex, pvc, you name it, she wanted it. By the time she was done shopping, she had filled 5 or 6 laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale boxes full of their finest wares. She explained she had walked there and asked if they could drop the boxes off at her place for her. They agreed as she had just spent more there in one day than they had sold in the last 6 months. She did ask for a few specific items to be bagged separately so she could enjoy them before the laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale shipment arrived.
    She put her long brown gloves back on and headed back to her apartment. Never had she walked so quickly home. Even her 4” heels wouldnt slow her down. Her pussy was gushing with anticipation of what would be happening that evening and later on once the rest of the things arrived. By the time she got home, her jeans were visibly wet in front and she was grabbing at her crotch with her gloved hand as she tried to unlock her door.
    She practically ran to the bedroom and starting dumping out the bags. She then yanked off her top and heaved it towards the closet. Her boots were next to come off, but with much more care than her top. Her jeans and underwear were next on the list leaving her long leather gloves for last. She caressed her body with the soft leather before finally removing them.
    Out of the pile of items on the bed she grabbed a new pair of gloves she had bought. They laced up the arms and had empty buckles at the top and buckled straps at the wrists, impossible to take off without undoing the buckles. She made sure the laces were nice and tight. Next to go on were a pair of black leather thigh high boots with 5” spiked heels. They laced all the way up the front with no zippers. Not easy to put on and even more difficult to get off. There were also a pair of buckles at the top of each boot in strategic places, but no straps. She slipped on a pair of leather panties. These had built in plugs for both her anus and vagina and both had built in vibrators. She set the control boxes on the bed for now so they didnt get too tangled.
    Next on was a full length corset in matching black leather. It was fully boned and made bending over next to impossible. She had watched enough videos on how to tighten in so that wasnt a problem for her. The corset had buckled straps all up the front of it as the lacing was in the rear. Hanging from the corset were 4 additonal leather straps. She attached the straps from the corset to the buckles on the boots. Each buckle had a small hoop to add a lock if she wanted. Perhaps later she thought to herself.
    The corset was open bust, so her chest was fully exposed. She couldnt help but fondle her breasts as she got dressed. A ball gag went into place next. Not very big, just enough to keep her quiet, but still be comfortable, she didnt know how long she could stand wearing it. Over her head went a full leather bondage helmet. It had full eye holes and mouth, but the mouth was obviously filled with the gag. An erotic sight being able to see the gag, but not able to remove it without taking off the helmet. She laced it up nice and tight and slipped another buckled strap around her neck.
    The final piece that tied everything together was a neck corset, once again in black leather. It went high enough to cover the lower buckle for the helmet, meaning you couldnt remove the helmet without removing the neck corset first. It also had quite a few straps hanging from it. She slowly placed it around her neck and laced it up the back. It held her head high, which was it’s main function anyhow. She attached the front straps to matching buckles on her waist corset. 3 ran down her upper chest to the corset, framing her breasts. She added a separate strap to these running across, cinching the straps together and squeezing her breasts, ballooning them out a bit.
    She took the straps on the sides of the neck corset and attached them to the tops of her gloves. Her entire outfit was now interconnected. She picked up the battery boxes for the vibrators and placed them into a small pouch in the front of her corset. As she moved she felt something tap her on the back. She looked in the mirror and realized there were a couple of additional buckles back there that she couldnt reach. Oh well, next time I will remember to clip those before putting the corsets on.
    She started to become very arroused by the whole sensation of being buckled in. It was very constricting and with each movement she could feel the straps tugging on different parts of her body. If she stretched her legs out fully, it tugged on her waist corset, which in turn tugged on her neck corset. She slowly ran her hands up and down her body, just enjoying the sensations of the leather. A loud knock her door snapped her back to reality and a jolt of panic ran through her spine. Maybe they will just go away.
    They knocked again. They cant stay out there forever. She went up to the door, which was quite difficult in the 5” heels and with the plugs rubbing her sensitive spots with each step. A mans voice spoke loudly from outside. “Maam, I have a delivery for you from 28th St.”
    “Oh! Thats my new stuff! My god I had already foonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealotten he was coming!” She thought to herself. “But what about how Im dressed? Oh dammit! They sell this stuff for a living, it’s nothing he has never seen before and I cant leave him standing out there.”
    With that, she unlocked and opened the door. “Hi, delivery for Marya….” his voice trailed off as he was struck by the vision of a leather clad bondage goddess. “I see you have been a busy woman. Let me bring these packages in for you, just point to the area where you want them.”

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    She pointed to an area in the living room as it would afford the most room to sort through the items. As he passed her he took note of the undone straps in the back.
    “First time dressing in that I see. Having fun are you?”
    The thought of him eyeing her made her a bit weak in the knees and very moist in the crotch.
    He approached her and said “You know I like to have fun too.” She suddenly got very scared, was he going to rape her? Kill her? The store knew where he was, so if something were to happen, he wouldnt exactly have much of an alibi. He could see the fear in her eyes. “I dont mean to scare you, Im a natural submissive. I love to please and serve mistresses. If you would have me as your slave at some point, I would be honored. Please allow me to fix your out fit properly.”
    She slowly turned around and he fastened the back straps. He also took the battery boxes from her front pouch and turned them on. “They work much better like this you know.” He said with a wink. Instantly the vibrators sprang to life in full force. She moaned into her gag quite loudly and she started to collapse to the floor. He caught her and helped her lay on the floor. As she lay there, she started to quiver. The sensations she felt were beyond anything she had ever felt just masturbating by herself.
    While she wasnt looking, he took a small lock and key from his pocket. He locked the pouch that the battery boxes were in so she couldnt get to them.
    “Im going to leave my contact info here on the counter along with the key for that lock. I hope to hear from you to give me a little bit of payback.” He announced. “Dont worry I will lock the door on my way out, have a nice evening.”
    “Wait? Lock? What lock?” she half thought to herself. She felt around and found the lock on the battery pouch. The realization that she couldnt turn them off without the key sent her into an enormous oonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealasm. Her juices flowed freely and gushed around her leather panites. She screamed out in ecstasy and had it not been for the gag, her neighbors certainly would have come knocking on the door.
    She proceeded to have multiple mini oonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealasms shortly after the first. “I really need to calm this down.” She tried to get up but her knees didnt want to cooperate. She crawled over to the kitchen, which caused more micro oonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealasms as her thighs rubbed together. She attempted to compose herself enough to stand up. After 2 attempts she successfully reached up far enough to grab the key. She unlocked the pouch and turned off the vibrators.
    “Well, that was wonderful, but I cant let that go unpunished now can I?” she thought to herself. Exhausted she laid on the tile floor and took a quick nap.

    Chapter 7: Dominance
    Maryanne woke up Monday morning to the sound of her alarm. A full weekend of debauchery had really tired her out, but she was ready to back to the office. She got up and started choosing her outfit. A black leather strapless bustier went on first. Matching black leather pants creaked and groaned as they slid up her legs. Rather than buttons or zips, these laced up the front. She cinched them nice and tight, which didnt leave much to the imagination as the leather was very thin and she hadnt bothered putting on panties. A white cropped jacket covered her shoulders, while she slid on elbow length black leather gloves that fit her like a second skin. Her final piece were the boots. Oh which ones to wear? There were so many now. She grabbed a black and white pair of leather thigh highs. They had white running up the fronts and backs while the sides were jet black. She folded them down to knee high which gave them a huge white cuff at the top. The 5” heels helped her stand tall and proud. She deftly applied her makeup in a dramatic tone and set off to work.
    People on the streets were stopping to stare at her. She held her head up high and walked with purpose. She made her way into the office building where she worked. Everyone stopped in their tracks.
    Angie came up to her, “Maryanne, oh my, you look, I mean this is such a change from Friday. You look stunning, but dont you think it’s a bit… uh, risky?” And this was coming from the girl who wore a leather jacket and boots to work everyday.
    “I dont particularly care. I am going to dress how I like to dress.” Maryanne responded.
    The manager caught wind of the office buzz very quickly. “Ms Stratton, I need to speak to you immediately in my office.”
    They went into the office and closed the door.
    “Ms Stratton, I expect you to follow the dress codes and this outfit does not adhere to those codes. You are a good worker and I dont know what brought this sudden change, but I expect you to go home and change into a blouse and skirt. I am giving you one more chance.”
    Maryanne was a bit irritated, but knew she had an ace in the hole. She had more than enough money in the bank to start her own business. She was a network administrator at this company and knew her way around a web page better than most of her colleagues. She wanted one last shock before she quit, so she headed home to change.
    When she returned heads turned once again. Maryanne strode in and went straight to the office. She entered without even knocking. Now standing in front of the manager was one of the most dominant looking women they had ever laid eyes on.
    Her hair was held up in a super tight bun seated right on top of her head. She was wearing a white slik blouse with a ruffled front. Buttoned up fully to the very base of her chin. Her arms sheathed in elbow length black leather gloves that covered her blouse sleeves. Her waist was covered in a black leather waist cincher which lead down into a full length black leather skirt. Her feet covered by white leather thigh high boots with 6” steel spiked heels.
    “Is this more to your liking? You said blouse and skirt, correct?”
    “I dont know what kind of joke this is, you can pack up your things. We dont need this kind of distraction here.”
    “Well then suit yourself. I refuse to let anyone push me around anymore. If you and your company cant handle me, I will just have to do things my own way.”
    On her way out, she stopped at Angies desk. “Look me up online in a few weeks. You will figure out where to look.”

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    Chapter 8: Awakening
    Maryanne started to make her way back home when her cell phone rang, it was Alfonso.
    “Maryanne, I work all weekend, you first package is ready for pickup, I hope you like.”
    Maryanne made her way past her place and straight over to Alfonso’s. She didnt know what he had crafted, but she was sure it would be good.
    She went in and once again the little bell let Alfonso know there was someone in the shop.
    “Oh my, you must have practically run here. Oh and I see you have done some other shopping as well, such a change!”
    “Well, I will say, quite a bit of it was because you Alfonso. Without those gloves, Im not sure where I would be right now.”
    “Oh my dear, that is possibly the best compliment I could have ever gotten. Here, here. Take this package, it is the first of many.” He handed her a laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale box.
    “Alfonso, if you dont mind, I’d like to wait to open it back at my home. I love the anticipation of not knowing what is in here. It is so exciting to me.”
    “Oh no problem my dear. I will call when your next items are ready.”
    Maryanne headed out the door back to her apartment. Once inside, she set the box down on the table and poured herself a glass of wine. She glanced at the box and got that oh so familiar feeling. She slowly groped her breast through her silk blouse. She was getting turned on just by the mere thought of not knowing what was in store for her when she opened that box. She masaged her leather skirt into her pussy. She hadnt been wearing any panties, so the leather was rubbing directly on her lips. She let out a small moan as she parted her thighs very wide.
    She finally count take any more anticipation, she got up and removed her skirt as she knew this was only going to get in the way of whatever would happen next. She opened the box to find the deepest, richest purple colored leather she had ever seen. She removed the first of two items from the box. They were crotch high lace up boots with 6” heels. She held the boot up to her cheek, the scent overwhelming her. The softness of the leather could only match one other item she owned, her original pair of gloves. These boots made everything else she bought at Devious Things seem cheap. Now dont be mistaken, her other shopping spree was very enjoyable and those things certainly werent cheap, but Alfonso’s work was on a whole other level. These were very special and were to only be worn with the utmost care.
    She made her way to the bedroom to choose an appropriate outfit to go with these fabulous boots. She picked out a purple and black pvc halter top and a pair of purple pvc fingerless gloves that reached up her arm pits. She sat on her bed and started the long and tedious process of putting on and lacing up her new boots. “I really must get someone to do this for me.” she thought to herself and thats when she remembered the card on the counter from the delivery guy. She got up from the bed noting the laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale wet spot she left behind. Grabbing her phone she gave him a call.
    “Hello?” he answered.
    “Yes, meet me at my place in 20 minutes.”
    “What? Who is this?”
    “Do NOT insult me. You WILL be here and you WILL bring your best gear with you. I will NOT tell you again.” and with that she hung up on him.
    Exactly 20 minutes later there was a small knock on the door. She peered through the peep hole to confirm it was him.
    “I tried to get here early, but the bus…”
    She cut him off by placing a lone finger to his lips, her long purple nail just touching his nose. She took her other hand cupped his crotch. She actions were very slow and seductive and his body instantly responded.
    “I did not ask you to speak. You are on time, therefor no other explanations are needed. If you speak out of turn again…” She clenched her hand into his crotch, drawing a small yelp from him, “Your punishment will be much more severe. Do you understand?”
    “Yes Mistress.” He replied.
    “Good get undressed, I have work to do with you.”
    She took his bag and dumped into the middle fo the living room floor. His collection was a good size, obviously from working at the shop for a while. She noted that most of his items were latex, an interesting thing she hadnt really explored yet, but had been curious about. She picked out a few things and tossed them to him.
    “Put these on, I want to see how you look in them.”
    “Mistress, I have no lube or talc to put…”
    “What did I tell you about speaking? You will figure it out wont you?”
    “Yes Mistress.” He replied sheepishly,
    He first put on a pair of latex shorts. They had a built in penis sheath and anal plug. It was extremely difficult to work the dry latex up over his skin and body hair, but he managed to get everything into place. Next to go on was a full catsuit. It had a small open hole in the crotch area to work his genetalia through. The hole is reinforced and acts like a cock ring, keeping him rock hard.
    She handed him a pair of latex opera gloves to work up over his arms. Then for the final piece, she handed him a latex helmet. It was made of thicker latex and had no actual openings. The only way he could breath once it was on was though a long tube that protruded from the front of the mask.
    She looked him over and said outloud “You know, it just doesnt look right, there are a few things missing. I will be right back.” She walked off to the bedroom to gather some of her own items. When she returned he was still standing in the middle of the living room, unable to walk anywhere as he was blind inside the helmet. His hand however had found it’s way to his rock hard cock and he was stroking it.
    She walked up to him and whispered in his ear, “The sight of that makes me soooo hot and wet, I could watch you do that all afternoon. My pussy is dripping my slick juice down into my boots just looking at you like this.” His cock was throbbing now. “But thats not why you’re here. You need to be punished for what you did to me last week. Lay down on the floor, NOW.”
    He laid down on his back, his cock standing straight up at the ceiling and bobbing around with each pulse of his heart. She took a pair of bondage mitts and fit them over his hands, locking them in place. She moved to his feet and slid a pair pvc ballet boots on, his feet pointing down and making it all but impossible for him to walk.

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    He tried to grab his cock, but the mitts made his hands useless. She crawled back up towards his head and knelt beside him.
    “Look at you, trying so hard to get yourself off. That’s making my so horny. I think I will just play with myself for a little bit while I watch you struggle.”
    She started to play with her pussy right next to his ear, so he could hear all the juicy noises.
    “Listen to that… my pussy so sopping wet for you right now. you can hear me cant you? im finger fucking myself right now and getting all the pleasure while you cant do anything. Look at your poor cock, it wants attention.”
    His balled up hands were batting at it and trying desperately to stroke it, but nothing was really happening.
    “I love looking at that rock hard monster between your legs. It’s fucking huge and I bet it will feeeel sooooo goooood inside my warm wet pussy.” she was talking very seductive to him, her voice purposefully teasing him.
    She crawled back to his waist area and straddled over him. She rubbed her pussy against his latex sheath, trapping his cock between her and his stomach. She let out a moan and grabbed his breathing tube. She plugged the end with her finger and he started to squirm as he tried to get his breath. She let him squirm for about 20 seconds then put the tube right next to her pussy as he gasped for air. Her scent hit him like a ton of bricks. She lifted herself slightly as she ground herself into him. This little raise was just enough to allow his manhood to slip inside her. She let out a gasp as he groaned very loudly into his mask.
    She bounced up and down him for a little while, but not long enough for either one to finish what was started, she had other plans. She got off him and grabbed his cock in her hand. It was slick with her juices and she rolled it inbetween her fingers.
    “I might let you cum tonight. Maybe. It will all depend on what kind of mood Im in.” She slowly fondled his balls and stroked his cock some more. He started to near oonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealasm and started to shake slightly. She felt this and stopped stroking. he let out a big moan.
    “Not so fast tough guy. You arent getting off that easy. Like I said, you might not get off at all.”
    She got up and made a slow circle around him, her heels clicking on the floor with each step. I think I will go and freshen up a bit. Just to make sure you dont try anything else, let’s do this.” She took a belt and slipped it under his waist and cinched it up tight. She attached his mitts to the belt so he couldnt try to touch himself anymore.
    She made her way into the bedroom and stripped off her clothes. She put on a pair of red pvc thigh high boots with 5” heels and nothing else. She walked back out the the living room, her heels clicking loudly to announce she was coming. She looke dhim over and noticed his hard on wasnt quite as solid as when she left. She gave him a few strokes to help him out a bit. He groaned once again.
    She went back to the bedroom, much to his dismay. She put on a pair of pvc panties in red with black trim. A red and black pvc bra held her chest up high. Another pair of pvc gloves slid up her arms and a matching neck corset finished off the outfit.
    She went back out once again to check on her “guest”. He was starting to go soft once again, so she remedied that by stroking him once more and leaving him to stew in his own little world. She went into the bathroom to redo her makeup. Bright glossy red on her lips to match the red pvc she was wearing. She grabbed a matching bottle of nail polish and went back into the living room.
    She placed a vibrator down between his legs and turned it on. It rubbed against his anal plug and transmitted those sensations directly to his prostate. He groaned and started to buck his hips. She grabbed his balls and squeezed. “Im about to paint my nails. If you cause me to screw them up in the slightest, you may never be using these again. Got it? This is a very expensive gloss and the curing time is longer than your average nail polish. I wont be able to touch you or shut off the vibrator until it’s done.”
    She pulled a kitchen chair over and placed it over his chest, pinning him to the floor. He tried not to move as the vibrator worked it’s magic. She placed her booted feet on either side of his cock as she painted her nails. He could feel the hard heels digging into his pelvis as she let the full weight of her legs rest on only the boot heels. Once she finished her painting, she decided to have a bit more fun. She moved her feet together and started stroking his cock with her boots. He groaned at the feeling, but resisted the uonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale to move. She kept this up for a few minutes before growing bored with it.
    She got up and walked around his body a few times, watching his sensitive cock twitch. There was a bunch of precum oozing around inside his latex sheath, enough it was pooling around his scrotum and slowly leaking out towards his abdomen. She raised her foot and gently placed it on top of his cock, pinning it to his stomach. She slowly ground her boot sole into his cock like she were putting out a cigarette. He tried to thrust back to gain more stimulus, but she put enough of her weight on him to hold him in place.
    She knelt down once again and took hold of his cock with both hands. She twisted her hands in opposite directions, stretching and tightening the latex sheath around him. She pulled down hard, stretching the latex tight over the head of his cock. She decided to have a little more fun. She straddled herself over his face, being sure the breathing tube wasnt blocked. She told him “Make me cum slave. Do whatever you can with that pathetic face of yours to make me cum. You wont be allowed to cum until after I get my thrills.”
    She started stroking his cock slowly as he tried to trash around under her. His hood rubbed her pussy lips and he forced his nose inside her a little bit. She was extremely turned on by this and could feel her juices running down the sides of his face as her thighs rubbed his cheeks. The more he trashed his head around, the more her juice flowed, which made his face more slick. Eventually he was covered in her love juice. She finally climaxed, but just barely.
    “Well, that was barely satisfactory. I think I have the proper way to pleasure you.” she announced as she got up. She placed a vibrating sleeve over his cock and turned it on. It was only on low and the vibrations were just enough to frustrate him. He bucked his hips trying to get some extra pleasure from it, but it was no use. She laughed at his predicament and started to circle around him once more, making sure each step was deliberate and solid. The sound of her heels echoing off the hard floor.
    His torment felt to last forever. After about 30 minutes, which in his overloaded mind felt like 4 hours, he finally climaxed.

    Chapter 9: Beginings
    It had been a month since Maryanne had left her job. Her new website was up and running full tilt and she was having the time of her life making videos for sale. She purchased some top of the line camera equipment and had sent her slave to photography/videography classes to make sure he knew just how to run it all.
    She woke up early Saturday morning and got up out of bed. Her latex sheets rustling under her. She didnt just prance about once in a while in her gear, she lived it 24/7 now. There wasnt a moment where she wasnt covered in either leather or latex unless she was in the bath rinsing herself off in preparation for another session with her slave.
    She propped herself at her dressing table and looked over the huge collection of cosmetics she had amassed. She had as many shades and colors as the laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealest makeup counters in the city. She quickly and masterfully applied some dramatic eye liner. She had thought about having her makeup tatooed, but she wanted the control to change it to suit her mood.
    After applying a vast amount of lipstick and gloss, she moved to her walk in closet. One side was lined totally in leather clothes, the other latex. She decided today felt like a leather day today. She needed to go out to the market anyhow and the latex just wasnt completely accepted by the community yet.
    She pulled on some leather panties and a matching bra. The smooth cool leather felt great against her sensitive parts. A skin tight pair of leather pants went on next. They had laces in the back to make sure they were a perfect fit. A tight leather vest went on top, once again laced up. A leather underbust corset went over the bottom ofher vest and the top of her pants. She attached the laces to a hook on the wall and leaned away to tighten up the corset. Once she had it tight enough for her liking, she tied it off and added a small padlock through the locking strap. It was a small game she liked to play by herself. The key was frozen in an ice cube in the freezer, meaning she had to play ahead before she could take her outfit off.
    She took out a pair of shoulder length gloves and slid them up her arms, reaching just to her armpits. Her footwear of choice this time around was a pair of thigh high boots. 6” heels, which would be nearly impossible for most women to walk in, were now her normally preferred height. This pair laced up both the front and back to ensure a super tight fit.
    She walked over to her bondage bed in the living room and grabbed a set of keys off the end table. She unlocked her slave from the bed and let him go about his daily chores of cleaning the apartment. She had him fairly well trained already. His ballet boots clicking away on the tile floor.

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    She sat down at her computer to check her email. She had a private message delivered to her from her website.
    “Dear Mistress. I believe I finally figured out where to look. Ever since you left the office, I have been thinking about you. You have inspired me to follow my dreams. I would like to serve you if you would have me. Slave Angie.”
    Hmmm an interesting proposition. Im sure I can find some accommodations here for her, but first I must make sure she is willing to be loyal to me. That will require some planning to test her boundaries.
    Maryanne made a few phone calls and set things in place for later that afternoon. She slipped on her knee length leather trench coat and set off to do her grocery shopping. Naturally there was a fuss at the market store over how she was dressed but she was used to it now and the workers there were accustomed to her coming in, it was the other patrons that took a small exception to her choice in fashion. She simply ignored them and went about her business.
    Once she was done her daily chores, she made her way to Devious Things. She was greeted by the manager there and was asked to go to the back storeroom while they locked up the storefront for the afternoon. This had been preplanned by Maryanne.
    Upon entering the back room, there was Angie, cuffed to a pole in the center of the room. She was dressed in a spandex halter top that barely covered her heaving chest and a micro skirt that showed the bottoms of her ass cheeks with each step she took. Her feet had her tallest boots, just reaching over her knees with a 4-½” heel. She must have been frozen walking in that outfit as it was only in the mid 40’s that day, and without a bra, her nipples had been rock hard and on display for everyone she passed.
    “Im glad you came. If you hadnt, there would have been no second chance. If this is the kinkiest outfit you could come up with, then we will have quite a bit of work to do with you.” Maryanne removed her trench coat and gently hung it up on a hook. Angie’s stomach twisted when she saw the leather mistress standing before her. Instantly her pussy became wet in anticipation of what could become of her.
    Maryanne made a slow circle around Angie. Her heels clicking on the concrete floor. She gently caressed Angies cheek which resulted in a small shudder. “Oh there there, I will never hurt you, at least never beyond any amount of pain you may actually ask for.” She slowly let her gloved hand grope it’s way down Angies body, lifting her top to expose her breasts. She tweaked each nipple until they stood out at full attention. Angies back was arching. Maryanne ran her hand over her mid section and playfully tugged at her belly button ring. When she reached her skirt she slowly lifted it to reveal that Angie hadnt worn any panties.
    She ever so slowly rubbed Angies mound with her glove. She body’s reaction was immediate, she started building towards climax. Maryanne could feel the tension in her body and quickly withdrew her hand. “Ahh Ahh, I never said you could cum. Only with my permission will that happen.” She brought her wet fingers up to her nose. “Mmmm you smell delectable, clean my glove off like a good slave would.” She put her fingers up to Angies mouth and with some trepidation, she slowly stuck her tongue out. She had never tasted her own fluids before and wasnt sure she liked it all that much.
    “Get used to that taste young lady, there will be plenty more of it from both you and I going into that slut mouth of yours. This isnt going to be some easy little thing you are doing here. I dont just play around, this is who I am all the time, there is no off switch. If you dont think you can handle it, I will let you go about your life, but remember, there is no second chances.”
    “Yes Mistress.” is all Angie could come up with.
    “Ok, with that, I will accept you upon completion of my initiation routine. Be warned. this will be humiliating, more so than the simple walk you had here. Last chance to back out if you so desire.”
    “No Mistress.” Angie answered back in a low degraded tone, like she felt she had no other choice, not by Maryannes doing, but by her own uncontrollable desires.
    “Ok. Your fate is sealed. Unlock her please. We need to get her prepared.” The manager uncuffed Angie and they went into the front part of the store.
    The manager reopened the store and placed a sign in the window. Maryanne had Angie move to the center of the shop, directly in view of the front door.
    “Strip down, you wont be needing these clothes anymore. And give me your purse, I will be controlling your personal identification Angela. I will send #1 over to your place to get only your utmost essential belongings. The rest will be sold.” Angie hadn’t been called Angela in quite a long time, not since boarding school. Angela did as she was told, and immediately turned a bright shade of crimson when a customer poked his head in the door.
    “Oh my, would you look at that… damn honey, you can swing by my place anytime!” Another voice shouted from behind him, “Hey buddy, move it you're holding up the line!”and with that about 10 guys all came walking in.
    As it turns out, the sign read one free drink voucher at the pub down the street for every person who entered the shop.
    Angela was deeply embarrassed and thought about leaving.
    “Angela, if you decide to leave, realize you are naked. I will not be returning your clothing or purse as they are my property, just as you are now. You will always be free to leave, but never to return.”
    Angela stayed put. The manager kept the wolves at bay and surprisingly they were a bit more interested in the free booze than the naked lady.
    Maryanne complied 2 separate outfits for Angela. Here put this on. She handed her a cropped leather jacket with long sleeves, but was cropped so short, the very bottoms of her breasts were visible. The button snaps strained against her chest and threatened to pop if she breathed wrong. They undid the sleeve zippers and rolled the sleeves up a bit to fit some leather gloves on her hands and covered the shafts back with the jacket.
    Her upper thighs were covered with another micro skirt, but this one out of matching leather. They tossed her a pair of white thigh boots with laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale cuffs at the top and 5” heels. The mismatch was done purposefully. She looked like a street whore.

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    “Now I will be waiting in the Cat Call Club on 10th street. Meet me there in 1 hour to recieve a change of clothes and to head to my place. There is a cover chaonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale there so you wont be getting in on good looks alone. Im sure you can find a way to come up with some quick cash, especially in that outfit.”
    Angela knew what she meant by that and was sickened by the thought. Here it was cold and she barely had enough clothing to cover herself, never mind actually keep her warm. She was thankful that mistress had given her boots instead of stilettos, at least her legs would be a bit warmer. She took a while getting used to the 5” heels though.
    Exactly one hour later she made her way inside the Cat Call Club. Maryanne was sitting in the far back portion of the club. Angelas legs and feet were sore from walking as it was a couple of miles from Devious Things to here.
    “Im so glad you decided to keep playing the game. I wont bother to ask how you got the money for the cover chaonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale though, no respectful lady would sell herself. Here wipe yourself up, theres a spot on your jacket.” Angela blushed again and wiped the semen off her collar. “your clothing is in the bathroom stall, as long as no one has stolen the bag.”
    Angela got up and made her way through the crowd to the bathroom. There were 5 stalls and Mistress never said which stall it was in. She tried the first 2 and nothing was there. The 3rd was occupied so she tried #4 with no luck. She tried #5 and found it to be locked with an out of order sign.
    “Hey baby, looking for someone? I think I can give you a better time than whomever you’re looking for.” Contestant #3 had come out of her stall. Turns out she was a lesbian looking for a good time.
    “Uh No thank you, I was just coming in to freshen up for my mistress.”
    “Oh, you go that way. I get it, no prob, good luck, but damn you’re smoking hot, if you ever need some extra lovin, look me up.”
    Angela looked in stall #3 and there was no bag. Her heart sank, someone must have taken it. Then she thought about it for a second, she was being tested. She got down on her hands and knees and crawled under the locked door of stall #5. The smell was putrid as the toilet had been clogged for some time. She looked up and there was the bag hanging on the back of the door.
    She opened it up and found a bunch of late items in it and a plastic bag to put her current outfit in. She stripped off her top and gloves and placed them in the bag. She tried to sort the contents of the new outfit out as best she could without getting them close to the toilet.
    She put some long gloves on her arms and a long sleeve top over that. The built in breast cups were filled with her massive chest and they stuck out obscenely from her chest. She did her best to wiggle herself out of her skirt without removing her boots, so she didnt have to step on the disgusting floor beneath her.
    She looked in the bag and found a pair of panties that had built in plugs for both her lower holes. It took her a while, but she managed to work them up over her boots and seated them in place. Next in the bag were a pair of latex pants with stirrup bottoms. There was no avoiding it. She had to take off her boots. She took the first one off and slowly put her foot down. The floor was cold and clammy. She could feel a thin layer of grime on the floor and she gagged at the thought of what was actually down there.
    She decided speed was her friend at this point. She quickly pulled off the 2nd boot and tossed them into the plastic bag. She tried to quickly pull up the latex pants, but the sticky slime on her feet kept sticking to the pant legs. She tried to wipe them off and realized the best course of action was to actually sit on the toilet. This just kept getting worse and worse. She took a seat and quickly pulled the pants into place, then stood back up to finish the job. There were only a few more items left in the bag. There were a pair of pvc boots with 3” platforms and 8” heels. They laced up and reached to just under her knees. She put them on as fast as she could so she didnt have to stand in the muck anymore.
    A full face hood with only eye and nose holes went on next. She was now covered head to toe in latex. She grabbed the last last 2 items from the bag. She placed the steel locking collar around her throat and started to close it, when she looked at the last item. It was a ball gag. She nearly made a grave mistake. She needed to take off the hood to put the ball gag in. If she had locked the collar, there would be no way to put the gag in without asking for Mistresses help. She surely would have been punished for that.
    She swapped the articles around, cinching up the gag nice and tight and placing the hood over it. The locking collar went on, sealing her in. She grabbed the bags and unlocked the stall door. As she made her way back to her mistress, she was groped and fondled by nearly every person passing by.
    “Well, I see you found your bag, and what a good little slave, you brought back your old clothes. Guess you had a fondness for them? I will have to make you wear them again, but maybe next time it will be at night, when more people are looking for “that” kind of attention. But for now, we need to get you home, you have gathered a certain stench from your playtime in the bathroom. Come along we have work to do.” with that Maryanne attached a leash to Angelas collar and led her out of the club.
    It was only midafternoon and needless to say a beautiful woman wearing nothing but leather leading another woman clad in nothing but latex was quite a sight, causing most people on the sidewalk to stop and stare. Maryanne held her head up high as she strode past them. Angela felt deeply embarrassed, hanging her head and struggled to keep up with her mistresses fast gait, especially since the heels she was wearing were taller and steeper than anything she had ever even attempted to wear.
    Chapter 10: Playing
    Maryanne directed Angela to her new quarters, which were to be shared by #1 in Maryannes newly renovated spare room. It was more of a downgrade over the plush carpet and floral decor that was in there, but the contractor wasnt about to aonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealue. It now featured hard wood planked floors that had been recycled out of an old factory and the walls were painted a deep black. The door was replaced with a heavy solid oak slab that had only a small barred opening near the top, similar to a 14th century cell door.
    Inside featured a few pieces of furniture. A set of bunk beds on one wall were made from steel pipe and looked very uninviting other than the latex coverings over the mattresses and latex sheets. In the middle was a laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale rack system capable of holding the weight of multiple adults at the same time. Towards the other side of the room were your typical dungeon stuff, a stretching rack, a bondage cross, and a padded saw horse.
    Maryanne started laying out the ground rules to Angela and #1.
    “Now you two are to get along. I dont want any hanky panky between you to in the evenings after Ive gone to bed. Any of that mischief will be punished by spending the night in the roof top cage. You will have plenty of time for lust when on camera for the website. I will provide everything you may possibly need. You are always free to leave when you like, but remember, you no longer own anything, you will leave here with whatever you are wearing at that moment and nothing more. You will do as I ask, when I ask without any back talk. I am not a strict mistress. As long as the chores are done in a timely fashion and up to my standards, you will get rest times and plenty of pleasure rewards. You may converse with each other when not gagged and are allowed to ask me questions when needed, UNLESS we are out in public. Then I expect a perfect, obedient slave. I am also not opposed to being romantically involved with my slaves, but keep in mind, you are both mine, not the other way around.”
    Angela and #1 both nodded in agreement and sighed a breath of relief. This could have been 100x worse for both of them. Angela made her way into the room and took a seat on the lower bunk to really let what was happening sink in. #1 took a seat next to her. Maryanne unlocked her collar and removed both the mask and the ballgag before leaving them to get a little aquainted.
    “She really is a nice mistress. I have served others before her and they kept me chained in the basement for weeks, whipping me, hardly feeding me. Mistress is kind to me, and she will be to you too. I look forward to pleasing her in any way that I can. My name used to be Steve, but now I am just #1, I think thats because I was the first. Whats your name?”
    “Angie… oh well, I guess Im Anglea now, Marya.. Uh, Mistress likes to call me Angela.”

  12. Post #12

    “Well Angela, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Mistress has talked about you quite a bit. She said you were special and often wondered when you would show up. She knew you would be here.”
    Angela eyed #1 up and down and found herself drawn into the deep black latex he was wearing. He was fit enough, but not overly masculine either, almost to the point of being androgynous. She found her eyes wandering down to his crotch when she noticed it. His rather laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale member sticking out proudly, covered in a latex sheath. She thought it couldnt possibly be real, it certainly didnt look real.
    “Yes Angela, he’s all man down there.”
    Angela was startled by the voice of her mistress.
    “I can personally attest that he is 100% lean beef in that department. No extra filler required.”
    “Mistress, if I may ask, where is the other slave? On your website, there are pictures and videos of another female. Did I replace someone whom you dismissed?”
    “No Angela, there were no other slaves. You were seeing #1. You see here, we play all roles. There may be times you will be required to be the fucker and other times you will be the fuckee. One scene may require a lesbian threeway, another may call for 2 gay guys.”
    “How does that work? I cant possibly pass as a guy.”
    “You can under the guise of latex. With the right “equipment” you can look like a transexual, a guy, or a woman. It’s all in perception. You have quite a bit to learn my dear, lucky for you, I am willing to teach you.”
    A whirlwind of thoughts ran through Angelas mind. It never dawned on her that when you are wearing latex, all anyone sees is shape, not identity. If someone sees laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale breasts, or what they think are laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale breasts, they see a woman. If they think they see a laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale phallus between their legs, it must be a man. Her pussy began to moisten at the thought of all the different combinations they could create together.
    Maryanne came back to the room with a laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale bundle of latex. “Here, get dressed, both of you. We have a scene to film soon.”
    #1 bounced up and started sifting through the items, trying to sort out what he was wearing and what she was to wear. “Go ahead and start undressing while I sort this stuff out.”
    Angela started to strip off her outfit removing her boots and her pants. She hesitated at the top as she didnt want to expose herself.
    “No need to be shy, we will be seeing quite a bit of each other, Mistress will make sure of that.”
    Angela reluctantly removed her long sleeve top and gloves. All that was left was her panties.
    “Here, let me get out of my outfit and maybe it will help you get more comfortable.”
    #1 stripped out of his house cleaning outfit and before she knew it, he was standing buck naked in front of her. He turned out to be kind of cute to her.
    “Is that better?” he asked playfully.
    “Well, sort of, but it’s slowly working.” she replied.
    “Well, dont stare too long, Mistress expects us to be dressed shortly, we cant waste too much time. And besides, the faster you get dressed, the sooner you can have this.” he said as he grabbed at his cock.
    “Well, that was pretty sleazy of him.” she thought to herself, “And just when I thought I was getting to like him.”
    He handed her a pile of latex as she took off her panties. There were a some pieces with color mixed in with the standard black. The bright red stuck out compared to the deep black.
    She started with the underwear first. First was a black shaping bra. The base of the cups were slightly smaller than the cups themselves, squeezing her breasts up and out. Her panties had only one internal dildo, but also an external one as well. There was also an anal sheath. After some time and lots of concentration, she worked the sheath up into her bottom. It wasnt as hard as it could have been since she had been wearing that plug for a few hours before hand.
    She gazed down at the laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale cock between her legs. She could feel it’s weight pulling on her slightly and with each movement, her internal dildo twitched along with it.
    She pulled on a pair of crotch high red latex boots with 5” heels and no platform. This made her legs and feet look like they were all one piece, just dipped in latex with no visible seams. She pulled up a small black garter belt and attached the straps to the boot tops.
    A red waist corset provided a contrast to the black at her crotch. Red opera length gloves slid up her arms. A black and red hood with eyes and mouth cut out covered her face while a long latex pony tail fell to the small of her back. She fastened a black neck collar around her throat and attached the garter type straps to her glove tops.
    She looked in the only mirror in the room and saw her reflection. She looked like a perverse rubber doll. Then she noticed there were 2 reflections in the same mirror. Confused she turned around and saw a mirror image of herself standing there.
    “Hi, kind of fun isnt it?”
    It was #1 dressed in an identical outfit. His proportions were a match to hers thanks to some extra padding in the top half and the waist corset.
    There was one small difference between the two of them. If they stood perfectly still, you could see #1’s cock twitching in its latex sheath while Angies remained motionless.
    Maryanne came into the room to let them know what was about to transpire.
    “Now normally, I have a very set plan on how I want the shoot to go, but seeing as this is your first performance together, I will allow you both creative freedom. It will be nice to capture that innocence of two creatures exploring each other for the first time. Just try not to talk as your voices will ruin the mirror image. I will let you out when I feel I have enough footage.”
    Maryanne closed and locked the door behind her. Angela looked around and noticed the small cameras placed about the room. Even though this was their bedroom, nothing was off limits and everything was being watched. She shuddered that someone could have been watching her get dressed the entire time.
    #1 slowly walked over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. She suddenly felt a calm soothing move through her body, like something had changed inside and she was more relaxed. She put her hand on his waist and drew him closer. As they got closer her dildo made contact with his cock. It startled her slightly as she felt the vibration transmit through to her internal dildo, but it was a pleasant feeling.
    She put her other hand on the back of his head and drew him in for a long passionate kiss. She hadnt been intimate with anyone for quite a while and she loved the butterflies in her stomach right now. He reached down and took hold of her dildo, making a long slow stroke. Her stomach flipped at the feeling of the internal dildo moving in and out of her. She slid her hand down from his waist to his own cock and mirrored his actions without breaking her kiss. He groaned slightly into her kiss.
    She finally broke off the kiss and looked into his eyes with a new found lust. She had a devilish look in her eyes. She kept it in the back of head how he spoke to her earlier. Retribution would be had. She stroked the top of his head seductively while licking her lips. She played every card she had learned from her club days as far as body movement and eye flutter. Within minutes she had him right where she wanted him.
    She slowly moved him towards the saw horse and bent him over it. She strapped his wrists and ankles to the floor, making sure he couldnt get away. She slowly walked around him, her heels clicking away on the floor. She stroked his body up and down. When she reached his head, she was standing in front of him. She ever so gently grabbed his head between her hands and guided him towards her dildo. He knew what to do as Mistress had played this game with him before. He took the dildo into his mouth and to Angleas surprise, was able to deep throat the entire thing.

  13. Post #13

    So much for embarrasing him that way, she thought. She was getting some pleasure out of watching him suck her, but she decided to push the envelope a little bit. She walked around behind him and knelt down. She saw he had the same anal sheath she had, which was perfect from what she had in mind. She reached between his legs and started stroking his cock, ever so slowly. He tried to move his hips a little to help add more friction.
    She got up and stood over him. Grabbing her dildo in her hands, she lined it up with his anus and pushed. He moaned at the pressure, but never broke character by crying out. He hadnt quite expected that, but realized what was happening quickly and tried to relax his sphincter as quickly as he could, or else he would have been very uncomfortable for a long time. Angela thrust herself in and out as best she could, really trying to give it to him. The feelings she got from her internal dildo were immense. It felt like she was really fucking him with her own cock.
    She started to feel that long lost feeling. It built up from her toes and worked it’s way up through her entire body. She started to shudder and shake as she oonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealasmed, nearly uncontrollably. Just she started, she felt the body underneath her start to do the same. He was cumming into his sheath just she had hit her climax. She collapsed down on top of him, both of them panting. Angela snuggled her head on his back for a few moments before she felt a hand grab her arm.
    Alarmed she tried to regain control of her limbs, but it was too late. Mistress had already bound her on top of #1 in the same position as he was in. Angela looked up and saw Maryanne was dressed in the same outfit they had on.
    Maryanne made the same moves that Angela had, and instantly she knew what her fate would be. When Maryanne got to the front of Angela, she regretted what she had done to #1. She tried to take the laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale dildo deep into her mouth, but gagged when it hit the back of her throat. Mistress kept this up for a little while before growing bored. She walked to the back of her slaves and slowly inserted her dildo into Angelas bottom. She whimpered as it went in since she wasnt used to having something quite that laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale and long in her like that.
    Every thrust Maryanne made, it drove Angela into #1. After a short time, the pleasure she was feeling over rode any uncomfortable feeling she made have had. Maryanne kept going until all 3 were nearly holding their breath so they didnt give away their actual gender with their voices. They each erupted into a huge simultaneous oonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealasm. Mistress gathered herself up and left the room, leaving the other 2 locked together. They ended up having multiple oonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfilealasms that afternoon and didnt bother changing out of thier outfits when they were finally released. They could barely stand long enough to get into bed.
    Chapter 11: Sisters
    A few months had passed and the 3 of them were getting along perfectly. The website was a terrific sucess and they had 0 financial worries, not that they had any before due to Maryannes laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale bank account, but now they no longer needed that security blanket.
    Angela had taken a very dominant role over #1, but was still submissive to Maryanne. Maryanne decided it was time for Angela to take the next step. She sat Angela down at the table and had #1 fetch them some fresh coffee.
    “Angela, I think it’s time.”
    “Time? Time for what Mistress?”
    “Angela, you have been the perfect slave to me, but I think you arent living up to your potential.”
    Angela’s eyes started to tear up. “You… you are dismissing me?” she started to cry.
    “Oh no… no, no, no… not that at all…. Oh my god, Im so sorry you thought that. No, it’s time for you to bloom. You are ready now, you need to have your own slave, to become a Mistress of your own.”
    “Oh… oh my goodness…. I… I dont know what to say.” Angela stammered as she wiped away her tears.
    “Angela, tonight we shall go out and find you a new slave, we cant have you running around with poor old #1 now can we? Besides, he was my first, and you know what they say about your first right?”
    Angela laughed. “Yeah I guess you’re right on that one.”
    “At 4:00 I will give you 90 minutes access to my entire wardrobe. Wear anything you like. We will be going back to the Cat Call, but I think you will know how to dress to land what you are looking for.”
    Up until now, Maryanne had provided all her clothes by carrying them into the slave room. Angela had never seen the inside of Maryannes room. It was a very sacred thing for Angela.
    She was a nervous wreck most of the day. What would she wear? How many outfits did Mistress own? Her imagination was running wild.
    Maryanne came into the slave room around lunch time. “Angela, here put these on, I’d like to take you out for lunch.” Angela hadnt left the apartment since she first arrived 6 months ago, this must certainly be a special day.
    The bundle of clothes had some different textures, not her normal latex or pvc. There was some leather, but also denim. She slipped on a pair of leather panties, which felt perfectly normal for her now, but the denim jeans through her for a loop. It felt like years had past since she had even seen a pair of jeans. She slid into them and they were a perfect fit. Her top consisted of a black leather bra and a black off the shoulder top exposing both bra straps. The last two items were a pair of OTK boots with 5” heels and a pair of opera length gloves, both in black leather. Her gloves disappeared under the half sleeves of her top, giving a bit of mystery to her outfit. It felt very familiar to her as it was something she would have worn in her prior life.
    Maryanne came out of her room wearing a familiar outfit as well. Her original custom made brown leather boots over a skin tight pair of blue jeans. A very flowing blouse and her brown opera length gloves, the first pair she ever bought.
    “Angie, come on, I know this great little bistro downtown.” Wait did she just call me Angie?
    “Uh, yes mistress.” she replied.
    “Oh, please call me Mary, you are a free spirit now, no more labels between you and I.”
    “Oh, uh, ok. This feels a little awkward, but good, in a good way.”
    The two set off to have lunch, their heels clicking loudly off the concrete sidewalks.

  14. Post #14

    They took a seat at a small outdoor bistro, the warm spring sun high overhead. They chatted in a way they hadnt before, even before Maryanne blossomed. Maryanne and Angie were never close friends. Work acquaintances at best, saying hello and exchanging pleasantries, but nothing more, and here they were now, closer than could be, chatting like they were sisters. In a way they were. They shared a common bond now. Something more intimate than most people could ever experience.
    They spent most of the afternoon just sitting and chatting. Angie first noticed the time. “We must head back soon, it’s getting close to time.” “Shall we then?” Maryanne asked. “Most certainly.” Angie replied.
    Chapter 12: Repetition
    Angie walked into Maryannes bedroom for the first time since moving into her apartment. It was elegant and demure. Not at all like the slaves room she had lived in for the past months. She slowly opened the closet doors. It was a laonly k2share or fileal or asfilealonly k2share or fileal or asfileale walk in closet and the odor hit her with an intense smell. The combination of fine leather mixed with latex rubber was something that made her pussy tremble. She turned on the light and stepped inside.
    She saw all sorts of things hanging on racks and folded on shelves. Maryanne had carefully sorted and arranged everything by type and material. She found catsuits, jackets, dresses, skirts, anything she could have hoped for.
    She slowly gazed over the contents of closet, her pussy becoming damp at the sight of the fetish clothing. There was a small padded stool in the middle of the closet. She took a seat and stripped off all her clothing, tossing it outside the closet so it wouldnt get in the way. She decided a proper mistress should be leather clad for a more dominant look.
    She gathered up a red leather bra and panty set and put them on. A pair of lace up black leather pants fit her legs like a second skin. The front panel was too small purposefully and let her bright red panties show through the front. A long line corset in red leather with black buckles adorned her small waist. Long red leather opera gloves fit snugly up her arms and a black bolero jacket covered her shoulders, but wasnt closed to allow her bra and corset to show. She found a pair of red leather thigh boots that were a bit over sized in the upper leg area. It gave her a meaner, harder look, those boot tops standing out on their own, like they were stiff and firm rather than soft and supple.
    She made her way over Maryannes makeup counter and carefully selected her evenings makeup, carefully applying each item and being sure to set it aside so she could take it with her to the club for potential repairs. Dark coal eye shadows contrasted by bright red lips that matched her outfit to a T. She was finally ready to face the world as a mistress.
    Maryanne had gotten dressed as well, in the slave room with the help of #1. She was wearing a full latex outfit as she knew Angie would pick leather. She was clad head to toe in shiny black rubber. The only color visible were her blood red nails and matching lipstick. It was a simple outfit really. A basic catsuit, waist corset, fingerless gloves, and spiked ankle boots.
    The 2 gathered their purses and headed out to the Cat Call to catch their prey.

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